Whether you’re seeking to reverse an adverse ruling or you won at trial and need to preserve the victory, our team has the knowledge, skill, and experience to successfully represent you on appeal. Our appellate track record of almost 90% wins over the past decade is unmatched.

Appeals are too often lost before they begin. Our clients frequently retain our appellate team to provide counsel before, during, and after trial, collaborating with trial lawyers (from ECG and other firms) to shape trial strategy, preserve issues for appeal, and prepare legal briefing.

Sometimes a court’s ruling needs to be corrected by an appellate court immediately.  Our appellate team is experienced in filing emergency writ petitions and securing immediate relief from appellate courts.

“In a certain percentage of cases—in which the rule of law, and therefore, the decision, could go either way—how and where the axe will fall may depend upon the quality of appellate advocacy.”


Even when a judge’s decision is erroneous, getting a ruling overturned on appeal can be an uphill battle.  Our appellate team has obtained reversals in numerous cases.  The appeals we handle are complex and challenging and often lead to new developments in the law.  Some published victories include Southern California Sunbelt Developers, Inc. v. Banyan Limited Partnership, 8 Cal. App. 5th 910 (2017) (in case of first impression, held fees of a court-appointed receiver may be recovered as costs under California Code of Civil Procedure section 1033.5) and Barnes, Crosby, Fitzgerald & Zeman, LLP v. Ringler, 212 Cal. App. 4th 172 (2012) (in case of first impression, held an attorney may be equitably estopped from claiming a fee-sharing contract is unenforceable due to noncompliance with State Bar rule requiring informed consent from client).

Whether you’re seeking formal representation, a “ghost writer,” or a second opinion, our appellate team is equipped to assist with nearly any kind of civil appeal.  Examples of prior representations include cases involving amending a judgment, the statute of limitations, the “Doe” amendment statute, a taxpayer’s entitlement to recovery of attorney’s fees after a judgment invalidating a county’s tax assessment, California’s anti-SLAPP statute, membership termination rights in physician interindemnity groups, HOA-homeowner rights, outdoor advertising, free speech rights, trust disputes, costs and attorneys’ fees awards, new trial orders, disgorgement of unlicensed contractor’s fees, corporate elections disputes, business disputes, attorney malpractice, and attorney disqualification.