David A. Robinson, Enterprise Counsel Group's Founder and Shareholder, will be speaking at the upcoming National Business Institute (NBI) seminar on the topic of “Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Email and Smartphone Evidence: The Ultimate Guide.”

Many cases have been won or lost on a social media post, text, or email. As courts and litigators continue to grapple with these case-winning (and crippling) new forms of evidence, staying up to speed on the latest rules, procedures and case law is a must. This comprehensive two-day course is packed with practical advice and real-world examples for obtaining ESI and getting it admitted into evidence - while keeping opposing counsel's out.

  • Catch up with the latest rule changes, case law and developments in technology.
  • Gain best practices for preserving electronic evidence to avoid accidental alteration.
  • Receive do-it-yourself tips for locating and collecting evidence from the internet, smartphones and more.
  • Learn how to subpoena records from social media companies, phone carriers and other third parties.
  • Grasp the mechanics of how to find, remove, preserve and produce metadata.
  • Receive pointers on authenticating texts, social media posts and more.
  • Find out how to respond to hearsay objections to electronic communications.
  • Obtain actual examples/sample foundation scripts for getting different types of evidence admitted.
  • Take advantage of opportunities to disarm your opponent and keep their electronic evidence out.

Don't miss this chance for concrete instruction, examples and tips you can start using right away - register today!