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Innovative Counsel, Winning Strategies

West Coast Business Trial, Appellate & Corporate Lawyers

Relationships matter. So does expertise, experience, and results. ECG provides aggressive courtroom representation and we excel at solving complex and crisis-driven issues. We also offer everyday practical, empathetic legal advice, and transactional services for a broad spectrum of successful businesses in California, Colorado, Nevada and across the US. We pay close attention to our client’s entire business vision and related legal considerations. With decades of delivering real value to our clients, we know what it means to go beyond the expected to help our clients achieve the extraordinary.

When things go wrong and you need to fight, We're in your corner.

When relationships deteriorate and conflicts arise such that a fight becomes necessary, preparation is the key to success. There is no substitute for an experienced legal team's tireless work in marshaling the facts and understanding the law.

Collectively, our team of trial attorneys have over 60 years' experience protecting and advancing our client's varied, and often complex, interests in numerous state and federal courts. Harnessing the latest technologies, we work togeter to develop comprehensive lititgation strategies. We ensure you receive the most efficient, cost-effective representation, with the goal of minimizing your company's operational downtime and preserving your hard earned reputation.

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We take care of the legal mumbo jumbo so you can run your business.

It takes a lot to keep a business running and thriving, especially in today's complex and competitive business market. It takes planning, preparation, a proactive approach, and an eagle eye to ensure your business is legally protected, compliant, and ready for any economic turning point, whether positive or negative.

Our transactional attorneys will research, prepare, and review all the documents your business needs, and will advise you on compliance with applicable laws and regulations, preparing for your future, and avoiding costly litigation.

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Leverage our expertise for your appeal.

Our appellate team handles writs and appeals in both state and federal courts. The firm's appellate lawyers have worked for judges and know how they think. Whether you're seeking to reverse an adverse ruling or you won at trial and need to preserve the victory, our team has the knowledge, skill, and experience to successfully represent you on appeal. Our appellate track record of almost 90% wins over the past decade is unmatched.

Appeals are too often lost before they begin. Our clients frequently retain our appellate team to provide counsel before, during, and after trial, collaborating with trial lawyers (from ECG and other firms) to shape trial strategy, preserve issues for appeal, and prepare legal briefing. Sometimes a court's ruling needs to be corrected by an appellate court immediately. Our appellte team is experienced in filing emergency writ petitions and securing immediate relief from appellate courts.

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Security and Protection For Your Hard Earned Money

You've worked hard and enjoyed success with your business. Now it's time to protect the fruits of your labor, so you can be sure they are secured and that you are in control of your assets. Our estates & probate experts are able to assist you with any of the following:

  • Probates
  • Trust
  • Estates
  • Tax Planning
  • Marital Estate Evaluation in Divorce
  • Actions of Trustees
  • Actions of Beneficiaries and Fiduciaries
  • Removal of Appointed Trustees
  • Overlapping Trusts
  • Enforceability of Wills
  • Interrelated Estate Planning and Business Law Matters
  • Disputes Involving Family Trusts
  • Control of Ongoing Family Business
  • Qualified Personal Residence Trusts

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